Winter is Just Around the Corner

Stans at Bentleigh East is worth the trip from anywhere around Melbourne, if you have a disability, or are a senior who needs a bit of help in the Fitting Rooms, we have generous fitting options that have room for a helper plus ramps for chairs or walkers. The thing you will immediately notice is that at Stanleys Menswear there is space and heaps of stock!

But more importantly that, we have the sizes that accommodate, the long, short and more generous waists (King Size). Further, we have a tailor in house who can make sure everything fits snuggly. This writer has a dropped shoulder due to football injury, my latest Sports Jacket has been altered so that one sleeve is not “lopsided” (my words not John’s).

But back to winter for a moment as this is the new season, and Stans (Stanleys) Menswear have their fabulous range of Ansett Woollen Jumpers, pullovers, cardigans and sleeveless vests in full stock right now.

Corduroy Trousers are another winter must, especially for night football events. We have the flexible waist Cord Pants in both City Club and Farah, does it get any winter better? And at Stans, where we fit you all, the Big and Small, and if we don’t have it in stock we will do our best to get it for you.

If you are looking for Holeproof Aircel we have the biggest range, even some spares for your partners, we understand the women love Aircel Tees in winter, particularly for snow days.

Not only is it time to consider the warm underwear but it may well be a good time to check out the Sleepwear, and Stans has all the favs, Gloucester, Koala and Contare Country Winter Flannelette those comfy PJs for sitting around the fire.

Speaking of Winter must haves, were would you be without your Contare Country Flannelette Shirt, our mate in Kyneton has been out collecting wood anxiously waiting for the first chance to light it up, and the gathering of good wood is a winter long process. Kev builds layers upon layers for this big project, starting with warm underwear, tees, flanno, and jackets, and at Stans we have it all.

Come and see us live at Bentleigh East, Call us, you’d be surprised how our long history in Menswear means we can help you over the phone and finally, order Online.

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