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Time to spruce up your wardrobe for the coming season? A pleasure to introduce you to Stanley’s Menswear.  Our clothing specialists have been fitting Men’s clothing including Mens Skivvies for decades now.  We’re very proud of our history!

With that said, in our menswear range our buyers have hand-selected a brilliant array of Men’s Skivvies. This includes a very comprehensive choice of Men’s Long Sleeve Turtle Neck Skivvies and Men’s Roll Neck Skivvies as well.  As you can see we have size and style options for small, medium and larger men.

At the same time are you thinking of a Men’s Navy Skivvy that’s machine washable or Men’s Black Skivvy that doesn’t need ironing?  Do have a look at the possibilities within our Breakaway menswear range.  Skivvies from this category are bound to make every man look dapper.

Incidentally are you looking for a Men’s Cardigan with machine washable wool?  Or how about a Men’s Half Zip Windcheater to include in your shopping trolley?  Look no further we have great garment and accessory choices available for you.  Every outfit should include a mix of not just this product but also other complementary products like our Men’s Socks With A No Tight Elastic Top.

Lastly Should you need assistance or direction regarding combinations do check out our easy to follow Fitting Guide.

Similarly if you have any inquiries at all in relation to delivery we have material at the ready detailing available options.  Still unsure about stock or size call our friendly team right now at Stanley’s on 03 9563 7000.

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