Dappled Days Sometimes

After a bleak morning, dappled sunlight spreads its warmish fingers only to be shut down by a cloud or something darker like wind and rain. But if you think I would let that get me down, you’d be wrong.

I have spent time in most states, save Tasmania and Northern Territory, the two extremes I expect. Most recently, I came south to look after parents, always expecting to head north any month, that was 10 years ago.

I suddenly realised (I’m obviously a slow learner) that the reason I hated winter was that I don’t have the right clothes.

A couple of things made this to be my reality, firstly, I hated shopping for clothing for myself, secondly, when I did venture to buy a piece of clothing, I could never find it in my size. But this all changed when I found Tania and Stanley’s Menswear at Bentleigh East, Victoria.

As I have bought more and more clothing from Stanley’s, I have ventured into warmer clothing, because they have the range, as well as the range of sizes. This is a true Menswear Department Store, and while Tania explains she can’t range the entire store’s stock online (it is a big store with a big range) however, the website does have over 2500 lines listed.

So, what will keep you warm and dry this winter?

How about an Everest Winter Waterproof Jacket? or a Basecamp Padded Winter Jacket

Couple either of these jackets with a skivvy and Blazer Knitwear then a pair of Innisbrook Cords and you are good to go.

Whether the dappled days continue or the weather is more inclement, you are carefree, for as I have found, winter is no problem when you are in the right clothes.

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