Corduroy Trousers

At Stanley’s Menswear we have a large selection of Corduroy Trousers to keep us warm during winter weather.

More importantly, during the cold seasons we want real comfort and so, Stanley’s Menswear have Flexible Waist trousers in Country Club and Innsbrook Baden Cord Trousers, my favorite trousers, plus other trousers in store. Today, corduroy pants have a modern tailored cut, quite different to my memory of a more Rumpole of Old Bailey cut.

Stanley’s Menswear specialise in looking after their customers, a culture built into this business over 3 generations. This writer has been into many menswear stores over a lifetime and this one has plucked all the good things of 3 generations of retail care and embodied them in store and online.

Remember, for Corduroy Trousers and winter weather clothing look no further that Tania and the Team at Stanley’s Menswear.

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