Which Coat Will Keep Me Warm

Reckon winter has hit now, despite the sunny days, we know once it is not in full blaze we need some serious clothing.

Certainly, last Saturday, was the first time I really thought about layers. In a very short time, I was no longer carrying the coat but wearing it. It was the start of an even colder afternoon.

When I was younger and playing football, the cold never seemed to cut through, not the case these days.

At Stanley’s Menswear (Link please) we carry a range of coats that cover off a range of weather conditions. The Everest Winter Waterproof is a beauty for all eventualities.

Of course the Boston All Year Round can be very casual or a little more dressy, you decide by matching it with a Skivvy or a Tee or even a cotton jumper.

No one feels good when they are cold, and at Stanley’s Menswear (Link please) we want to bring you in from the cold with warm clothes. These days I can’t seem to choose anything but my cords and warm layers. Happy winter.

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