Buying Trousers Online & Getting Telephone Help

So yes, as a bloke who is not the perfect size,

I have been brought back to add to my experience to help Baby Boomers order their “good pants” online.

I often wondered why I always needed someone to measure my “inside leg”.

Did it make me uncomfortable? Well that really depended on the person doing it.

But the truth is, I came to online buying, particularly of good quality trousers, slowly!

But today, I not only buy my own stuff online, my relationship with Stanleys Menswear is such, that for more than a year I have been buying my Dad’s pants off Stanleys Menswear.

How did I get to this place in my life, TRUST, just like going into a “live” store, the true menswear stores operate with great service & integrity.

Yes, if they don’t fit send them back & for the next 3 months, if you have a disaster ordering online, we will pay the delivery costs, when you Quote “RickO”

in your claim.

Get your next pair of Country Club Chinos as a trial!

Free your mind, free your old fears. We are changing your ordering process, one thought at a time!

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