Big Sizes

Big sizes are often just the name that covers people who no longer wear skinny jeans or have pants hanging way below the waist. Often, it can mean as little as having pants that were quite the norm, and were called “self supporter” waists, that had tabs on the side and you could vary their tightness.

Of course, the notion size is not just about how big someone’s waist is, it can mean, one person is a “short” (leg) while another a long size. This is important, because someone with a shorter length leg will most likely prefer a flat fronted pant. Why? Because pleats can actually makes a person with a shorter leg look “fatter”, “shorter” etc.

What does all this mean? It means that when people buy clothes they don’t just need a sales person, they need people with skills, who take into consideration all the issues that help people get garments that do “fit” and look great!

Making sure big size menswear, small size menswear, full cut menswear and other intricacies of “fit” criteria work, has always been the domain of the traditional menswear stores, and while they are declining in numbers, Stanleys Menswear is testament to the idea that people want to be fitted properly.

When a business has survived all the onslaughts of retail changes, has adapted and has a 3 generation history built on fitting people well, not just for a sale but ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty, it is worth a trip to East Bentleigh in Victoria either in person or online. Naturally, to make sure you get the fitting attention by distance, call on 03 9563 7000

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