5 Key Steps to Buying Dress Trousers Online @ Stanleys Menswear

This is just my story, and I actually buy most of my clothes through Stanley’s Menswear, but it wasn’t always so. My history goes a little like this, I dabbled in the purchase of tee shirts and some shorts, but not long pants, oh no, and especially not dress pants.

I suppose this was rooted in my entire history, my father had been a Fletcher Jones man, always dressed well, even as a child I remember his two pair of bright shined Packard Shoes, one pair black the other brown. He had suits and sports suits.

My uncle, on the other hand was a Julius Marlowe man, with similar or better dress wardrobe and he was a chef. He was a City Club man. As I grew up I leant toward the FJ’s model, mostly for work as that began in offices. These days of course I too am a big City Club fan.

The reality was that you needed to get “fitted” for these clothes and there was a certain process to this, I remember the big event going to FJs with the family for Dad to get fitted for trousers. It seems that thought has been embedded in my consciousness, but that has all changed.

About 3 years ago, I had been searching for chinos and decided to try online and found Stanley’s. At the time, I only interested in calling, that call was the beginning of why I am writing this piece for them.

Step by step, I have bought canvas pants, shorts, socks, sports jacket yep, you heard it. Not only that but my Dad, now 96 and in a nursing home, has been getting pants of varying types, from Stan’s via my ordering.

Finally, about 8 months ago I knew I needed a pair of quality dress pants, I decided on a pair of City Club Microfibre pantsb and I just love them. Somehow, the fear or whatever it was that blocked my going to online purchasing of trousers is a thing of the past.

I have found that there is a need to get your focus straight, because you are now “in charge” of your measurements and it is not as difficult as you think. In addition, if you get it wrong there is a process for return and exchange, in fact it is all too easy!

  1. Make sure of your waist size, take it from a standard, best fitting pants that you are happy with, it will be close. But make sure it is a strong brand of product.
  2. Hard to measure your own leg right? Get the pair of pants that are the best match of leg length and lay them on the table or bed, get your Tape Measure (get a proper tape measure, don’t use your metal handyman job). Measure the inside leg, i.e. press the start edge of the tape at the intersection of stitching under the crotch. And run the tape flat against the leg to the end, that is your key measurement
  3. Once  can then add or subtract one or two cms for a more accurate length for shoes or boots. You decide, these are measurements you can work with.
  4. Check the other options, do you want flat front pants or a pair with pleats? My suggestion is that if you are tall or have long legs, pleats work, if you are of the short leg variety, flat looks better.
  5. If all else fails ring Tania, John, Glen or Misha or any of the team at Stanley’s Menswear on (03) 9563 7000.

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